Nancy       Marine Biologist Nancy Caruso has been directing the Kelp Project since 2002. The Project restores kelp forests by inspiring the community to be stewards of the ocean. The Project combines the efforts of 3,000 schoolchildren and 400 volunteer divers. These schoolchildren (mostly underserved) have been taught to grow kelp in portable classroom nurseries. This kelp then gets planted in the ocean by the highly trained divers. Their efforts are working! Kelp is growing in areas that have been barren for 25 years. With more than 800 different species depending on them, kelp forests are the rainforests of the sea.

The Kelp Project provides people a chance to literally change the world. It has been 'bringing science to life' for schoolchildren and everyday citizens involved in the project. And where there
is kelp, you'll find more fishes and other sea life. Kelp is used to make ice cream, toothpaste, salad dressing and more. Proudly, this effort is inspiring students like Marie Santiago whose passion for science is now being channeled into a college degree in marine biology.

This Project has only been the beginning for Nancy, the kelp, and thousands of schoolchildren throughout Southern California. The kelp forests are growing far more than just new habitats, this effort is inspiring people to think beyond themselves and protect their environment and earth's most precious natural resources.